Conditions and Treatment - Explained:


Throughout our lives the feet do a lot of work and are put under constant strain; so it makes sense to take good care of them. Listed below are the common conditions which regularly affect the foot, its important to treat these conditions and get them under control to avoid pain, discomfort and infection.


A yellowish thick skin found on the sole of the foot, mainly caused by a reaction to mechanical stress of incorrect fitted footwear/ ill walking.

Debride and smooth the callus removing as much as possible File over to smooth the skin. Apply padding and ointment if necessary and review of footwear.

A cone sharped hard skin inverting inwards to the skin causing a pin like feel when pressed, caused by mechanical stress. Various types include seeded, hard, soft, Vascular.
Careful removal of the corn which is usually pain free. Padding can be applied.

Fungal Skin Infections
Usually itchy, soggy appearance between toes, usually effects 4th and 5th toes. Cracks, blisters and flakes of skin.
Cleanse feet, antifungal preparation can be used, surgical spirit is a fantastic cost effective remedy. Personal care advice given.

Fungal Nails
Yellow, brown, green, thickened, crumbly and can smell. Various forms.

Reduce the thickness of the nail, relieving pressure in the shoe. Various treatments available, the GP can prescribe medication but can have side effects. Rubbing Tea Tree and Vic's Vapour rub can help and herbal treatments have good success. NEW! - KeryFlex Nail Restoration

Ingrown toe nail:
Nail penetrates the skin surrounding the nail, causing discomfort and infection. Footwear, ill cut nail or picking nails are the main causes.
Removal of the offending nail can be painful but is necessary. If pus is present this will need to be drained and antiseptic applied (antibiotics may be needed from GP) We will dress the toe to avoid infection.


There are many other conditions - any concerns please ask: