Importance of our feet. 

Feet are pretty spectacular, they are our means of balance, support, and make it possible for us to move. A poor foundation of the feet can cause problems throughout the body affecting posture and balance which is the common cause of pain in the hip, knees, lower back and even all the way up to the head. 

Our feet are more important than people give them credit, they are often said to be a mirror of the body. The branches of the body all end at the feet, such as the blood vessels and nerves, extending from the heart and the brain, if something is wrong it is usually first noticed in the feet, so it makes sense that we pay attention to them regularly. 


General care:  

Good personal footcare can help prevent or even cure foot problems and taking care of them is quite simple. 

  • Wash the feet daily with water and mild soap, washing between the toes 

  • Dry the feet thoroughly, again ensuring drying takes place between each toe. 

  • Moisturise the feet once or twice per day.

  • Trim the toenail straight across

  • File the toenail to smooth any sharp edges.

  • Inspect the feet regularly, check the soles and between the toes. 

  • Seek medical advice infections, pain or symptoms that last longer 2 – 3 days, and for the following:

Continuous swelling

Discolouration of skin and nails

Slow heeling sores

Moles that change appearance

Foreign object embedded in the skin. 

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