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Nail Cutting Service - £14:00

The toenails are trimmed and filed, ensuring nails are cut to the correct length and shaped to avoid any problems. Cream to finish. 

Toenail and Fingernail Cut & File - £20.00

Nail care for both the hands and feet, toenails to be correctly trimmed and filed, and the fingernails trimmed and filed to shape.

***Add fingernail cutting to any other treatment for an additional £6.00, single price £14.00***



General Foot Care - £18.00

This treatment covers nail care and mild skin conditions. Toenails are trimmed and filed, dry or hard skin is rasped with a hand held file, removing unwanted dry skin. Cream and massage to finish, leaving the feet feel smooth and soft.

Foot Care Plus - £20.00

This treatment covers nail care and minor specialist treatment. Toenails are trimmed and filed, minor treatment (eg, single corn). Foot file, cream and massage (more detailed work will be classed as full specialist).

Nail Cutting with Nail Reduction £20.00

This treatment is ideal for thickened toenails. The nail is reduced by sanding the nail with the electric drill, reducing the thickness of the nail improving comfort and appearance. 



Specialist Foot Care - £25.00

Specialist foot care includes nail and skin conditions that require detailed specialist treatment, covering nail care, ingrown nails, dry skin removal, fissures, reduction of thick nails, fungal, callus and corn removal, cracked/dry skin, paddings and strapping, topical treatments.



Basic or Natural Pedicure  - £22.00

Express/Dry Pedicure (40mins)

This covers nail care, hard skin, cream, massage and polish.

Natural Pedicure (40mins) - The ideal package if you want a pamper without polish, it includes nail care, cuticles, skin rasp/file, soak, scrub and cream and massage to finish. 


Classic Pedicure £25.00 (60mins)

A relaxing treat for the feet, includes cut, file and shape. Removal of dry skin with rasp/file, soak (variety of options), cuticle work, exfoliation scrub, cream and extended massage, finish with polish. 

Medi-Pedi - £30.00 

This treatment is a combination of a pampering pedicure and specialist foot care treatment. You will received treatment as described in the luxury pedicure, however it also covers specialist foot care treatments such as corn, callus, nail reduction etc. 


Group booking of 2+  receive a discounted price. Please enquire with the practitioner. 

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